Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair Review

Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair Review

This reclining chair is similar to a luxury car style. In its price class its one of the most comfortable gaming chairs.  Its back rest is designed ergonomically to give more support to the lumbar area. It is built with 360-degree swivel function and pneumatic gas lift for adjusting the height according to your preference.

With its PU and mesh fabric upholstery, the Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair can be cleaned easily.

Features of the Merax Gaming chair

  • Inspired by a racing car style suitable for home and office use
  • Made of synthetic polyurethane (PU) leather and breathable mesh fabric for easy cleanup
  • Adjustable armrest of up to 160 degree angle
  • Pneumatic gas lift for adjustable height function
  • Recline function (90-150 degrees) for quick naps
  • Ergonomic design with removable headrest and lumbar cushions
  • 360-degree swivel, tilt and smooth rocker mechanisms for better movement
  • Maximum load capacity: 225 pounds


  • Strong base

The base of this chair is made of metal to provide great stability and durability. Due to its strong base, it can hold as much as 225 pounds of weight. The leg wheels make it easily transportable to any area of your gaming zone.

  • Sleek design

This gaming chair is inspired by a luxury car seat hence the entire design gives a sleek look. The blue highlights of mesh fabric match the black color of the leather seat. This can serve a nice decoration item for your home or office.

  • Flexible

Its reclining mechanism feature allows you to take a short nap after playing a strenuous game. The height of the chair can also be adjusted through the pneumatic gas lift function underneath the seat.

  • Easy to clean

The PU material is so easy to clean with a dry cloth. The mesh fabric is a breathable material which requires less maintenance because sweat that may be absorbed by the chair will easily evaporate.

  • Excellent lumbar support

This chair adopts the traditional design of a body hugging back as seen through its deep-sided design. The removable pillow is cushioned well to support the head while you play and rest. Meanwhile, the lumbar pad gives enough cushion support to your lumbar area for maximum comfort.

  • Great value gaming chair

In the price class of gaming chairs under 200 dollars, this is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs.


  • Flimsy armrest material

The plastic material of armrests wears off after some time because it is not so durable. If you like a more durable armrest, you can try Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair.

  • Size is too small

The size of the chair appears to be small because it is designed to hug your back snugly.As a result, there is no extra space. For larger chair try other brands like X Rocker 5125401 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audi Pedestal Video Gaming Chair.

  • Uncomfortable for people with short legs

People with short height will find this chair a bit uncomfortable. If this is the case, you can always adjust the height to get the right level off the ground. You can also transfer the head pillow close to your head since it is removable and put more cushion in the lumbar area.

Verdict Merax Ergonomic Reclining Chair

This Merax gaming chair is a perfect choice if you like a good reclining chair with great features and comfort. It is complete with all the basic features of a 360-degree swivel function, adjustable height, and rocking mechanism. The best thing about it is you can recline it for naps. This chair fits snugly around your back, therefore  it is recommended for occupants who want maximum support to their lumbar area. It is an ergonomically designed chair suitable for use in the office as well as well as for the children’s desk doing computer or homework. For the price of this chair, it is a great deal.

Read owner reviews and check the current price of this Merax gaming chair on Amazon

Comparing Merax gaming chair with other chairs

Compared to Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Racing style swivel chair, Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair has better features because it offers a reclining function. Even it is rated to hold quite a high weight, I find the chair is rather for people of large height than of great body size.

The Merax Ergonomic High Back Reclining Chair lacks the sound system that comes with X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair. The Merax has a better metal base which provides more stability than the pedestal base of X Rocker 51396. Moreover, this Merax gaming chair is more versatile than X Rocker 51396 pedestal chair because it has more ergonomic functions like a reclining mechanism and a 360-degree swivel function.

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