Good Christmas Gifts For A Gamer in 2018

christmas giftsEvery year Christmas seems to near very fast and you realize; you still got a few Christmas presents to organize. Finding a good gift quickly can be very difficult. The gift should be usable and not end up in a dark corner on the shelf to be forgotten. But thinking about it, finding good Christmas gifts for a gamer is not really that difficult!  After all, gamers have one common hobby which makes the selection of gifts easier. So in addition to a good computer and a good gaming chair what are good Christmas gifts for a gamer?

Gamers can be peculiar and out of a habit may not appreciate the “latest” but prefer to hang on to their old gadget just because of being used to it.  So you either got to watch ’em to see what they really need or better you may remember something they said they would like to have but couldn’t afford so far. This obviously would make a really good Christmas gift for a gamer!

What are good Christmas gifts for a gamer

New Mechanical Keyboard

If the keyboard looks old, worn out and got a few keys missing, then it is high time for a new keyboard under the Christmas tree.

Keyboards that make good Christmas gifts for a gamer are Mechanical Keyboards, particularly popular are with models with RGB backlighting. But why a mechanical gaming keyboard? Even though a mechanical keyboard is slightly more expensive, it has a longer lifetime than a membrane one, provides a better tactile feedback and has a higher N-key rollover. A mechanical gaming keyboard definitely pays off.

A very popular mechanical gaming keyboard is the CORSAIR STRAFE it will sure be a great Christmas gift for gamers that will find its place on the desk instead of wandering into a dark corner and be forgotten about.

New Mouse

The mouse as one of the most used pieces of equipment doesn’t last forever, it needs anew one every now and then. But don’t get a regular mouse.

For ambitious and passionate players a good gaming mouse is the most important equipment one can not do without. A top of the line gaming mouse is a precision instrument, which besides having programmable keys also reacts way quicker and is more sensitive as a regular PC mouse.

Finding the perfect mouse for gaming can be difficult, as you have to navigate through specs such as DPI, programmable buttons, cable or wireless…

So here is one suggestion for a great mouse which will surely be appreciated as a Christmas gift: The bestselling Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse.

Gaming Mauspad

If the budget is a bit tight for a good Christmas gift or you simply don’t want to spend too much, then a new gaming mousepad is a good choice.

Mousepads need to be replaced regularly, especially when the old one is already filthy or comes apart. Also through permanent contact with the gamer’s hand, the pad will become greasy and the reflective surface will be damaged.
An old pad will affect the gaming performance negative as the optical data from the mouse light is insufficiently reflected.

The Large Gaming Mouse Pad from Reflex Lab has an ultrasmooth optical surface, stitched edges, non-slip rubber back and allows perfect control when moving the mouse in heated battles.

New Headset

Always good option for gamers on Christmas: A good modern gaming headset.

The use of gaming headsets has become common practice among gamers. Headsets are effective in cutting down on ambient sound while providing better sound quality thus better immersion into the gaming scenario.
They are also providing a convenient communication setup when playing online games and having conversations with fellow internet players.

There are a lot of gaming headsets on the market, from very affordable to some high-performance models for which you have to dig into your pocket a bit deeper.  You could search for hours to find one.  So how about the one to the right, it is a very affordable all-around headset. If you are looking for a top-notch headset check out our post on gaming headsets.

For Xbox Players: An Xbox Live Gold Membership

The Xbox is a great console for gamers. A new game for the Xbox fan may be a good gift, but how about a giving an Xbox Live Gold membership for twelve months as a Christmas present.

With an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can really boost the online entertainment and gaming experience. The membership provides:

  • Multiplayer gaming, to compete with other gamers in massive online gaming worlds
  • Free games twice a month
  • Access to Game demos, so you can test before buying
  •  A selection of Sports and Entertainment apps as well as free to air TV channels
  • Enjoy Xbox Video and Xbox Music

A New Gaming Chair

A really good Christmas gift for a gamer would be a new gaming chair.

We all know, a brief gaming session can quickly turn into a full-blown battle that lasts the whole night. But sitting too many hours in a bad piece of furniture will not only give you a sore back and body pain, but it will also affect your posture and health in the long run.

Good gaming chairs not only look cool and compliment someone’s gaming den. Their ergonomic design and adjustability will benefit the health of any gaming enthusiast and add the overall gaming experience.

A gaming chair will definitely be a good gift that will always be highly appreciated. It doesn’t have to be as costly as noblechairs Epic, there are a number of budget gaming chairs that make great gifts too.

New Gaming Monitor

The graphics of computer games are becoming more advanced and realistic. To get the most out of gaming, besides an advanced up to date graphics card, it also needs a gaming monitor that can display the graphics of the latest games.

The latest monitors with Quad High Definition (QHD), refresh rates beyond 60 Hz, extremely fast response time, and FreeSync or G-Sync technology will deliver the best gaming without having any blurry images, flickering, tearing and other motion artifacts.

Whether it is for a gaming enthusiast that is into First-person shooter, racing simulators or MMO fantasy worlds a good monitor with the latest technology will always be appreciated.

The ASUS 24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor [VG245H] is a bestselling monitor at a very reasonable price with great specs.

Events for players as a gift

E-Sport is growing in popularity among many gamers. Numerous events, from tournaments to trade fairs, take place throughout the year. These events can be expensive. This may start with the ticket price to simply get in, as well as the logistics traveling there and finding a place to sleep.

However,  Events For Gamers are a great gift to any gaming enthusiast.


Merry Chrismas


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