How To Clean A Gaming Chair

Taking a bit of care and occasionally cleaning your gaming chair will preserve the colors and looks of your gaming chair. Avoiding stains and dirt in the first place is best. But during everyday use, this is often easier said than done. Nevertheless, stains from drinks or food should be removed immediately. The longer the stains remain the harder they can be removed.

Grease, dust particles, and transpiration of the human body can destroy the surface of the covers. Over time, the gaming chairs colors fade and it will have a worn out unattractive appearance.

Cleaning your Gaming Chair


To thoroughly clean fabric covers, use a vacuum cleaner and special upholstery cleaner. Pay attention to follow the manufactures instructions. Best is to test the product in an inconspicuous place.
Use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle to remove superficial dirt or loose dust from the seat covers and the backrest. Then carefully use a brush to loosen deeper deposits. Vacuum the brushed surface again.
Apply the foam cleaner generously to the covers of the gaming chair. When the foam is completely dry, brush the surface again and then use the vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and foam remnants.

Depending on how dirty your office chair is, you must repeat the steps several times.

Synthetic Leather Covers

Gaming chairs which have PU or other synthetic leather covers are easiest to clean.

Simply vacuum dust and dirt particles from the covers. Then use a damp cloth and wipe the surface of the chair

Genuine Leather

To clean a chair with genuine leather covers use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt or dust from the seat covers. Usually, a damp cloth is sufficient to remove stains and dirt. Make sure the cloth is not to wet, as water stains on the leather could be the result.

For heavier soiling, a special leather cleaner should be used. Follow the instructions.

Gaming chair casters

Dust and hair get tangled in the rollers and the gamers chair does not move properly over the floor.

  • Remove casters from the base (usually without tools with a small jerk)
  • Place a pair of scissors or a sharp screwdriver next to the roller on the axle
  • Turn the roll slowly – the cutting edge should cut through the hair, uses tweezers to pull tweezers

Inspect screws for tightness

During use nuts and bolts may become loose, tighten if necessary.

Regularly inspecting the gaming chair for wear and tear takes only a couple on minutes but can increase safety and prevent accidents.  Replace defective parts or claim warranty in case of manufacturing faults

Common stains and how to get rid of them

  • Coffee: For fabric covers, wash with water with a little detergent.  Use a fabric foam cleaner if stains are stubborn. On PU leather or genuine leather  wipe off right away with a damp cloth
  • Grease: Apply dishwashing detergent and wipe off with a damp cloth right away before grease penetrates deeper
  • Red wine: Sprinkle the fresh stain with cornstarch or potato flour. Let it work in and brush off. Alternatively, sprinkle salt until the stain is completely covered. Once the salt has absorbed the red wine, brush it out. A dried red wine stain is very stubborn to get rid of. Soak with white vinegar, use water and detergent to wash off. Alternatively, you can dab with alcohol or white benzine. But test these remedies first in an inconspicuous place

Gaming chair care hints and tips

  • Avoid direct sunlight – Color will fade, artificial leather can become brittle when permanently in the sunlight.
  • Keep pets away – Cats paws will scratch the surface, dogs may chew on pillows  and cushions
  • Sweat – When its hot in summer or during an exciting gaming match excess sweat may stain your chair.  Wipe clean with a cloth or in summer sit on a towel
  • PU leather care – Microfibre cloths are useful to wipe of occasionally
  • White leather – Watch out when sitting in new jeans on white leather chairs. The dye may wear off and leave marks on the leather. Wipe off immediately
  • Genuine leather covers – Real natural leather is breathable and non-water repellent. If you spill something on it wipe it off immediately. Use a dry cloth or kitchen paper to take off the liquid and then wipe with a damp microfiber cloth. Use leather conditioner occasionally
  • Cushions and pillows – Fabrics will get stained, hand wash them occasionally, hang them up wet and let  dry in the air

Safety Alert
Careful with the gas spring. Always treat with care and avoid using chemicals on the gas spring. Defective gas springs may cause injury!

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