Kinsal Ergonomic High-Back Large Size Gaming Chair with Massage Function

Whether you are a serious gamer or just serious about your work at a computer, you probably know the pain of poor chairs. The discomfort of your sitting position has you moving around every few minutes to get comfortable. Neck, back, and hip problems may develop. This is worsened if you sit in the wrong chair or a chair that is too small. There are quite a few gaming chairs for big guys that are worthy of your consideration. The Kinsal Large Size Gaming Chair is designed for people of all sizes, especially big and tall gamers. It comes with all of the amenities and features necessary to make your gaming experience as comfortable as possible. It is also ideal for people who work at a computer all day long.

Kinsal Ergonomic High-Back Large Size Gaming Chair with Massage Function

The Kinsal Gaming Chair is designed for office workers and gamers alike. The goal in both cases is to be as ergonomic as possible to reduce physical strain. Neck and back problems are commonplace with both people who work at computers and people who game seriously, and chairs such as these are ideal for remedying that situation. The Kinsal chair also aims to be attractive, available in a number of different colors. Kinsal is a great name in the world of gaming and computer accessories. They make high-quality products that do not sacrifice anything for the cost.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra high back
  • Up to 180-degree backrest recline
  • Integrated massage funktion
  • Durable PU-leather
  • Recommended maximum weight 280 pounds
  • Big and tall compatible

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of this chair, including support for your lower back and neck, aims at reducing strain and tensions you may experience from sitting at a computer for long periods of time. The massage function can be quite useful during rest to loosen up tense muscles in your back.  It is sure to increase your comfort level and make you even better at what you do.

Extra High Backrest, 180-degree recline

The chair swivels 360 degrees on a steel frame and rolls around smooth on durable nylon casters. This makes for a greater range of motion and ease of movement in general and is an important feature.
The back of this chair is adjustable from 90 to 180 degrees, meaning that it can be completely perpendicular, to the seat, completely in line with it (like lying on a bed), or anywhere in between. Most of us will be in between those two most of the time, but it’s always nice to have the extra room.

Durable PU Upholstery

This Kinsal gaming chair is upholstered with synthetic easy to clean PU-leather available in many colors.  It emits some odor when new but after a few days, this is gone. Cushioning may seem a bit stiff first but once it warms up it’s all comfy to sit in.



  • Great-looking chair
  • Lumbar support and headrest pillow
  • Up to 180-degree horizontal recline
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very affordable gaming chair, great value for money
  • Strong synthetic smell when new 
  • Armrest become wobbly after heavy use


This is a great gift for a gamer.  When playing video games for extended periods of time, lots of people may suffer sitting related physical problems and this Kinsal Gaming Chair is fully adjustable to help reduce those pains. The lumbar pillow’s integrated massage function may be a gimmick, but some people may like the massaging effect. 

Verdict about the Kinsal Gaming Chair with massage function

This chair is relatively straightforward, it is comfortable, has a sturdy design and is very reasonably priced. Some more expensive computer chairs may have additional features, but they all include the same ergonomic principles. Kinsal Ergonomic High-Back Large Size Gaming Chairs are available in many colors, so there is likely to be one that fits into your gaming den.

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