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Office Chair Reviews - Make Your Life Easier

Most people complain about back pain after sitting in their office chair all day long. Back pain is generally the result of sitting in an uncomfortable office chair that doesn’t support your back well.  Good office chairs like mesh office chairs with lumbar support are important because they promote good posture and improve your productivity as you feel comfortable doing your daily tasks.

The majority of good office chairs have adjustable features that conform to the users’ different postures. Most modern office chairs allow you to adjust the armrest aside from the basic adjustment mechanisms of tilting, swiveling and height adjustment.  Some of the best brands of office chairs are reviewed below.

Sit comfortably with mesh office chairs with lumbar support

Spending extended hours sitting at a desk is unhealthy, doctors and the population are in agreement. However, a lot depends on how you sit and on what you sit. Your desk and your desk chair must be designed to provide a healthy sitting environment and be back-friendly. A quality chair pays itself by preventing lower back problems and may boost productivity.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

This ergonomic office chair is one of the best mesh office chairs with lumbar support. It is designed with those in mind who need to spend long hours sitting at a desk.  The chair is ergonomically designed to give extra comfort by a multitude of clever features that allow individual adjusting to the needs of its user. It has adjustable armrests to fit any position you are comfortable with. This a comes with a synch-tilt mechanism which can support any posture and movement you do while sitting. The backrest can be lowered or raised to support your lower back.

The good thing about this ergonomic mesh office chair is its design that fits your lumbar area snugly. This is a great benefit for those who suffer from chronic back pain or injuries. It is ideal for those who spend over 8 hours in sitting position. It is made of metal and polyester with ergonomics and comfortable sitting being the priority. Although this offers durability, it lacks in aesthetics. Overall, this chair is rated high for comfort and great back and neck support.

Space Seating Professional AirGrid Eco Leather Seat

This office chair has mesh sidings to keep you cool. Its height can be adjusted through its one-touch Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment feature. The armrests are padded with soft synthetic polyurethane material and can be adjusted at any angle. It is also built with tilt control mechanism.

The good thing about this chair is its price which is affordable given its many features that match those found in more expensive brands. Despite its affordable price, it doesn’t lack in terms of quality and comfort. Even if it does offer some adjustable features, it doesn’t match those offered by Leap chair. Nevertheless, it has the most ergonomic features among all other chairs priced below $200. Overall, this chair possesses all important features that normally only more expensive mesh office chairs with lumbar support provide, at a very affordable low price.

Leap Chair by Steelcase

This office chair is built with Live Back technology that enables its backrest to copy the motions of the human spine. It has movable armrests which you can move back and forth, rotate and adjust upwards and downwards until you can find the best comfortable position. It has a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds without loss of performance.

The best thing about this office chair is its easy setup and adjustment mechanisms. However, it seems to be less durable than Ergohuman, but it has a great style that can go well with any decor. Overall, this is a perfect product for those who prefer features and comfort to price. Since it offers customization, it is quite expensive.

Boss Black Executive Leather Chair

This chair requires no tools for assembly. It is wonderfully upholstered with synthetic leather. This makes it easy to clean. The waterfall seat design eases leg exhaustion. The backrest is ergonomically designed to support the lower back. You can also adjust the height of the chair through its pneumatic seat height adjustment.

The main features of this chair are its easy assembly and nice design. However, it seems to be less durable than other products reviewed above. Although it offers comfort, it lacks one basic function which is reclining mechanism. Overall, this chair is perfect for those who want comfort at affordable price. Although it may not have reclining feature, it compensates in the areas of comfort and price.

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