Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator Gaming Chair with Gear Shifter Mount

This driving simulator chair has everything you need in a great racing seat driving simulation device. It is built with a gear shifter mount which is rarely incorporated into a driving simulator chair. The Openwheeler racing simulator seat is compatible with all game consoles such as PS4, XboxOne and Nintendo.

Features of the Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat

  • Built as a real racing car seat complete with a gear shifter mount for changing gears
  • Also compatible as a Flight simulator
  • The seat is made of polyester fabric upholstering
  • Perfectly compatible with all gaming consoles/PC
  • Well suited for Logitech and Thrustmaster steering wheels
  • Attached wheels for easy transport
  • Total adjustment mechanism allows you to control the movement of the car and even recline or glide the chair for a more realistic racing game experience


  • Fully adjustable ergonomic design

The Openwheeler racing simulator seat is ergonomically designed and fully adjustable. A gliding seat with a contoured backrest that can be inclined, provides support to the gamer also during long gaming sessions.

  • Solid Steel Frame Chasis

Underneath the sliding seat is a strong steel chassis that is made in the USA. It provides strength and durability even for heavy occupants.

  • Lightweight

This gaming chair only weighs around 55 pounds, making it easy to shift it to any part of your room. This also makes the chair portable as you can easily carry it around when you move residences or want to play it together with your friends at different venues. More important, you can easily move this chair when not in use.

  • High compatibility function

This chair is fully compatible with all popular gaming consoles such as Nintendo, Playstation and XBox. This makes it a very functional tool for an optimal gaming experience. Unlike other models which offer limited compatibility, Openwheeler is perfect for all gaming video platforms.

  • Stable

The square tubing that supports the whole seat is durable and powder- coated to prevent corrosion. Even if you are racing the seat stays firm.

  • Easy to assemble

This chair comes with an instructional manual that offers simple steps to assemble the entire item. The parts are well constructed and fit perfectly to their place. The wheel mount has holes to easily fit your preferred steering wheels. The tools required for assembly are also included.

  • Superior comfort

The seat is made of polyester which is soft enough to support your back and head when sitting in the chair. The design of the seat is also intended to support the shoulder and legs. The sides of the back seat enclose your body in such a way that keeps you still even when moving.



  • Steering wheel is not included

This driving simulator chair comes without a steering wheel so you will have to find a compatible gaming racing wheel. Most Logitech models are totally compatible with this gaming chair. These include Logitech G27, G29, and G920. All models of Thrustmaster are also compatible.

Verdict of the Openwheeler racing simulator chair

If you are looking for a perfect racing simulator seat or a flight simulator chair, this product is for you. This Openwheeler Advanced Racing Seat comes with a gear shifter mount which is not usually offered by other brands. It optimizes your gaming experience as it is totally compatible with all gaming consoles and comes with total adjustment control.

Comparing the driving simulator chair with gaming chairs

Openwheeler Advanced Racing Simulator Seat is better than X Rocker 5125401 gaming chair because it is specially designed to give a more realistic gaming experience when engaging in racing simulations or flight simulator games. The Openwheeler has total adjustment control which is not offered by X Rocker model. However, it lacks the speakers that X Rocker offers. This makes X Rocker superior to Openwheeler in terms of sound system capability. Creative gamers may fit the Openwheeler with extra blue tooth speakers.

In comparison with other racing seats like the Arozzi Enzo Series swivel chair, the Openwheeler gaming chair offers better driving game experience due to its great driving simulation features. Although both chairs offer lightweight features, Arozzi Enzo series is lighter than the Openwheeler chair. However, Openwheeler racing simlulator seat beats Arozzi Enzo Series in terms of durability. While Arozzi Enzo is made of PU leather the Openwheeler is made of durable polyester upholstering.


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