Whats A Good Gaming Headset For PC and Console

So, now you have the best gaming chair and the best gaming keyboard, how about the best gaming headset to maximize your gaming experience? You might ask, what is so special about a gaming headset? Do you enjoy watching movies at the theater with immersive surround sound and clarity? A good gaming headset gives you the same experience. Put it on and you will transcend to another universe. A universe that exists inside your game. Imagine hearing all the footsteps clearly, catching any hint of movement or the rustle of leaves behind you. This attention to detail is important because it makes a difference between winning and losing. A good gaming headset will not only improve your gameplay but will also allow you to talk with your teammates while playing. Most of the gaming headsets come with built-in microphones which perform a pretty good job. So, whats a good gaming headset for pc and console?

Whats A Good Gaming Headset For PC

whats a good gaming headset for pcBuying a gaming headset is not easy because there are so many models to choose from. To decide whats a good gaming headset for pc, look at a few technical aspects before buying. However, it is easy to be fooled by manufacturers that cover up things with flashy advertisements. Do not fall into this trap and look at the important details only.

Furthermore, you must exactly know your requirements. If you do not ascertain your needs before looking for the best gaming headset, you may buy an expensive headset with features you won’t even need. Ascertain whether you are looking for an all-around better headset with decent sound quality or one with surround sound capability.

We suggest you should look at the three most important features: sound quality, comfort, and price. Test each product carefully! Are the earcups comfortable? Is the headband adjustable? Is it too heavy or too light? Do you like the design? Consider all these factors and read our best gaming headset guide for prudent decision making.

Stereo or Surround Sound for Best Gaming Headset

Good speakers are the most important elements in a headset. The speakers produce sound in either stereo or surround sound formats. Stereo consists of two channels; one on the left and the other on the right. On the other hand, surround sound comes in various versions. The latest is the Dolby 7.1 surround sound. This means there are seven drivers which make up the sound. However, it is not easy to fit these speakers in small earcups, so manufacturers intelligently use their stereo setup to act like they are producing surround sound. In some cases, this is called virtual 7.1, which feature the best gaming headset manufacturers use. It is very important to know that surround sound requires space to operate properly. If your earcup does not provide ample space, the sound may not be able to spread suitably and you will not get the immersive experience you like. Therefore, it is better to thoroughly check the specs of a gaming headset.

Headset Drivers

Headset drivers are basically the speakers, as we mentioned above. These drivers come in various sizes that are measured in millimeter and range from 20mm to 50mm. The most common is 40mm. The larger size of the driver does not always translate to better sound quality. There are other factors to consider such as the mass, material, and placement of the driver in the headset.

Headset Sensitivity

While browsing for the best gaming headset you might come across the term SPL. SPL stands for Sound Pressure Level and it shows how loud a headset will be. If you are a hardcore gamer looking for a loud sounding gaming headset, consider a higher SPL number, otherwise, go for a lower SPL number and get decent decibels. It’s important you take your ears into consideration. We are sure you wouldn’t want to blow them up with a single day usage.


The best gaming headset comes with software that controls the output. The software employs a feature called the Audio Equalization (EQ). The EQ allows you to control the bass, mids, and treble for a speaker to give the required sound. The performance of the EQ varies from company to company. The better the software, the more easily you can alter the EQ and enhance the sound quality. It is important to read reviews or watch video tutorials of the different software program to find the best in the market.

Connectivity, are wireless headsets good for gaming?

A gaming headset will have either a 3.5mm jack, a USB connection or a Bluetooth connection. When you browse for the gaming headsets you will find that the USB and 3.5 mm jack are the two most common connectivity options offered by manufacturers.

The 3.5 mm jack works best in older gadgets, PCs, and phones. They are better suited for listening to music and watching movies, as you will find that a 3.5mm jack diminishes your ability to use the microphone. Qualitywise, these headsets are not good. USB ports, on the other hand, can be found in almost all gadgets nowadays excluding mobiles, of course.

A USB gaming headset connects to your gaming Computer or gaming Laptop with ease and also allows you to use the microphone in tandem while gaming. The third and least common is Bluetooth.

Bluetooth came into being as a breakthrough in wireless technology. For a gamer that means they can move around without fear of being restricted to sitting in one place. Wires can get stuck and entangle easily. Bluetooth makes life easy, it is the most comfortable! Whats a good gaming headset for pc should nowadays definitely come with a Bluetooth connection.

Open-Back vs. Closed-Back Headphones

Closed-back headphones do not allow external sound to reach your ears as well as restrict internal sound from leaking. This creates an immersive studio-like experience which is important for gamers. With a closed-back headset, you can hear the slightest sound with ease. However, this means your ears get sweaty and you get uncomfortable very easily. The best gaming headset on our list with closed-back is HyperX Cloud Alpha.

The open-back gaming headset performs the exact opposite of the closed-back headset. The external sound reaches your ears and the internal sound leaks out. This may work if you are within the confines of your home but in an outdoor environment and in gaming arenas, an open-back headset can prove distracting to you and other gamers.

Best Gaming Headset Mics

A microphone is not the main feature of any headset. The main focus is the sound quality and built. Even though the quality of a microphone in a headset is not the deciding factor, it holds some level of importance. It is useful to talk with other players in the game. When choosing a headphone with mic, make sure the mic is not muddy. A clear one-directional mic will work wonders for you.


This is an important factor that affects the sound quality of your gaming headset. Impedance is measured in ohms and is found on the packaging of all the best gaming headsets. High impedance means you get better quality speakers, better quality sound, and overall better experience.

Sooo, whats a good gaming headset for pc and console gamers

We hope we have your attention now! It is time you gear up to intrigue yourself a bit more. To help you out in your decision whats a good gaming headset for pc, we have created a list of really good gaming headsets. Don’t forget to read our Editors recommendation at the end.

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