Why does my laptop overheat when I play games?

Laptops have become very powerful over the years. They come with powerful CPUs and dedicated graphics cards which produce a lot of heat which is the main issue in these laptops. In 2018, companies are introducing laptops with slimmer cases which look elegant but it comes at the cost of excess heat. In this guide, we will look into the factors which cause the overheating, why does my laptop overheat when I play games and we will share some tips which you can use to overcome this problem.

What Causes Overheating?

Before we get to the solutions, it is important to establish that what causes the overheating and what is too hot for the CPU. The simple answer to it is insufficient cooling. If we go into detail then there are many problems which your laptop could be facing. If your laptop is more than 2-3 years old then the most common problem could be the CPU overheating which you can overcome by applying a thermal paste which will remedy this issue.

How can you fix your overheating Laptop?

There are many ways to fix the overheating issues of your laptop, however, we will only discuss the most effective ways to stop this problem or reduce it to extent that it is bearable.

Regularly clean your laptop

Laptops these days are very compact and if you don’t regularly clean your laptop, dust will accumulate on your laptop’s fan which will eventually lead to overheating. Before start opening the laptop, make sure to have the right tools to open it as if you try to open the laptop with the wrong tool it will damage its case which isn’t a good thing. Having a manual of the laptop is a plus which will show you how to open the laptop. Also, make sure to properly shut down the device and unplug the power strip before cleaning the laptop. For cleaning the laptop, use the vacuum cleaner or air blower to clean the fan and make sure not to apply any liquid directly on the fan.

The vacuum cleaner is a much effective option because with it you can also clean the ports. If possible also apply the thermal paste on the CPU as it will make the overall performance much better.

Keep the laptop on a hard surface

I know it is much easy to use the laptop on the lap then on the hard surface especially when you are working at home but if your work needs some extensive resources then make sure to use it on a hard surface for better cooling. When you use a laptop on the laptop, your clothes usually block the air vents which make it difficult for processors to cool itself while working and if your laptop includes the dedicated graphics then things can get worse as it may cause the laptop to crash and restart. If you want to use the laptop on your bed and also want the good cooling then you can go to our next option.

Invest in laptop cooling Pad

Laptops are getting thinner and with the thin body, it is almost impossible to provide an effective cooling so if you want to use your laptop without heating issues then use the laptop cooling Pad. Laptop cooling pads have proven to be effective over the years because they come with large fans which can suck in air for cooling from the bottom to make the laptop cool. However, some laptops come with air vents on the side and some laptops come with air vents on the back. If your laptop has vents on the sides or on the back, then you can go for laptop vacuum pump which can fit directly on the side and it is also a very effective solution.

Limit the background Apps

High-end Gaming laptops are the real deal these days as they can play a lot of modern games without any problem but they are also expensive and there is no actual need to manage the background Apps. But in the budget and mid-tier laptops, managing resources will make a difference. If your laptop doesn’t have 32GB DDR4 RAM, GTX-1080, Core i7 then need to follow this step to overcoming the heating issues. Windows OS is very heavy on the resources and it constantly manages the apps to ensure the smooth performance of the computer which needs a lot of computational power which results in overheating. So limit the applications which run in the background as it will help you in countering the overheating issue.

Shutdown unnecessary programs

Programs like Web browsers, Microsoft words, and other heavy programs need a lot of resources for running properly and if you are a person with a lot of plug-ins installed on your browser then make sure to close it when playing the game as it can steal your resources. For smooth performance and no overheating issues, make sure to close all unnecessary programs before start playing the game.

Replace your HDD with SSD

Laptops these days comes with dedicated SSD for effective performance but if your laptop has the Hard drive instead of Solid State Drive (SSD) then replace it as soon as possible and you will notice the performance bump in your laptop. Conventional Hard Drives having moving parts and they also produce a lot of heat, an SSD doesn’t have moving parts and it can also run cooler than conventional hard drive.

Conclusion, so why does my laptop overheat when I play games?

Modern Gaming Laptops produce a lot of heat especially if they have the latest powerful GPUs and CPUs. Reducing the dimension of the laptops will result in more heat being trapped inside. However, you can use our methods as listed above, to effectively cool down your laptop which will result in better performance. We hope that you will find our guide useful and please let us know which methods you use to cool down your laptop in the comment section below. Also, visit our website for more useful guides.

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